Friday, May 02, 2008

Thumbs Down for Vermont Bean/Seed Co.

Well, folks, here is my "review" of the Vermont Bean/Seed co. along with photos. I will start by saying that
1. This was my first time ordering from this company
2. this is my opinion only
3. this could be an isolated incident
4. I was ticked off.
5. I will not be ordering from them in the future.
6. They did refund my money.

With all of that stated, I will tell you all what happened. We ordered our "live plants" among other things from the Vermont Bean/seed co. way back in December.

We received our "seeds" and such soon after with no problem and in good repair. Our live plants consisted of 2 orders of 16 tomatoes and 2 orders of 16 peppers. These were to arrive in the last 2 weeks of April.

When the live plants DID NOT arrive on the last day of April, I called the Vermont Bean/Seed Co. and asked where was my order... they told me my order had been shipped on FRIDAY, April 25, 2008. I called on April 30th after the mail had run and about closing time, so no package would be delivered that day. I asked if it was their policy to "mail packages out" on a Friday...just so they could sit around the post office an extra day...especially since these were live plants... well needless to say, I got the "well we don't usually have any problems" .... I explained, that there was obviously a problem since I had not received my plants and they had been in the mail for 6 days already and asked if they actually expected them to arrive in a live state................ ????????????????

Well, moving along, We received the "package" on May 1, which was a total of 7 days "in the mail"...
1.The box was practically crushed in (see looked way worse than the photo even shows, but you get the idea)
2.The box had no markings that showed it had live plants in it, that it was perishable, this side up or anything even like that.
3. The plants were tossed around like crazy, with many of them our of their containers, with their little roots right out in the air.
4.The tomatoes were mostly yellow and looked like they may have experienced some cold weather.
5. About half of the leaves had fallen off the peppers.
6. The plants are very tiny, thin, and flimsy...

I called to Vermont Bean/Seed Co. Complained...I was not happy about the product, the condition the product arrived, the way the product was shipped, and they amount of time it took to ship them.

They are supposed to refund my money and said it would take a few days to do this so I will wait and see.

But for almost $60 (for just the plants, not shipping or anything else, just the live plants) was totally absurd and ridicules what we received. I will NEVER order live plants from them again.
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Anonymous said...

Solo Dios sava asa dondo vue! Sincerely your, The plants shiped by Vermont bean/seed co.

Anonymous said...

i have ordered from the vermont bean catolog for many years now and i have not had a single problem with my orders in all this time. i find them to be prompt and my products arrived in good condition.