Thursday, May 22, 2008

Growing Comfrey...beautiful and useful

This is a huge bumble bee out on some of our comfrey plants. They are so amazing to watch that I had to snap this pic of them at work. They were going from one plant to the next just pollinating all the way.
Here is a close up of the blooms on the comfrey that are just starting out. They bloom the most beautiful spikes that have purple flowers on them. Just about everything loves them, from humming birds, to bumble bees, to the honey bee.

We have about 45 plants of comfrey planted and we use it to feed our rabbits, chickens and ducks. It seems to do double duty when it is so beautiful and useful, not only to us, but to wild life too.

We also sell our comfrey roots each spring and this year, we sold about 10 batches and got them all off in the mail without a hitch. If anyone is interested in comfrey, let us know.

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Sarah said...

I would love to buy some more comfrey for my homestead. Email me at hopelesscook @ (no spaces) with 'Comfrey' as the email title.


The Great Outdoor Family Experience said...

sarah, husband emailed you a few days ago...LMK if you decide to buy some, I can mail it out asap.

Anonymous said...

Please email me as I would also love some confrey!!!!!

dogman19552003 said...

I'm interested in some comfrey plants. Please email me at