Friday, May 09, 2008

Meat Everywhere

We went to day and picked up our pork from the butcher. We had two whole hogs taken in to process. One hog was 202 lbs and the other was 200 lbs at live weight. Their dressed weighs were 145 lbs and 143 lbs for a total of 288 lbs of meat. This pork is nice, lean, and oh so delicious.

We ended up with:
27 packs of bacon
65 packs of ground pork
23 packs of ground sausage
1 huge whole ham
2 packs of baby back ribs
1 pork fillet
18 packs pork chops
7 packs pork steaks
2 packs heart/tongue
2 packs heart
4 packs spare ribs
2 packs ham hocks
2 packs neck bones
2 very large bags of lard

Our End cost was ONLY $1.40 PER POUND!!!!!!!!!! OH my gosh this is so, so super!!! Posted by Picasa

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