Sunday, April 05, 2009

Cullens new toy!!!

Vacuum, wood chipper/shredder!!! Yea ha!!

Spring Flowers...Creeping Phlox

Simone took a few pictures of some spring flowers. They are creeping phlox...they looks so pretty, like a carpet of tiny flowers.
This one is the same as above, but just a closer pic of them. I love these, cause they seem to be one of the first flowering plants out in the spring around here and they are such a lovely site after a long winter of nothing growing.
Simone took these at our house, with her new camera (it is a Casio Exilm 8.1 mega pixel
digital camera). Just wanted to share with everyone.

New House for the Birds!!!

We decided to get a new bird house and here it is. It is a purple martin house and hopefully it will attract them. Our neighbor has one just like it pretty close to our new one, so it might just work.

Flemish vs. NewZealand Cross Rabbit

And their off!!! Here we have it, on the left, Simone is holding a 6 week olf flemish giant rabbit and on the right, Cullen is holding a 6 week old NewZealand/Chinchilla Cross rabbit...
These rabbits were born the same day, different litters of course. They are definitely growing at different rates. It is a fun comparison of the size of different breeds of rabbits, I would say that the Flemish Giants are definitely the winners, what about you???

Thursday, April 02, 2009

Kenny At the park

Here is Kenny on one of the taradactel swing set in one of Rollas local parks. This is a small little park but all of the equipment is shaped like different dinosaurs, as you can see here.

This stegosaurus is a super fun climbing tool for the kids too, kenny loved it.
This is another "big" dinosaur, with the slides as legs and the tail and head are all to climb on.
Kenny has always loved dinosaurs and so this is a nice little park that we stop at every now and then. The dinosaurs make it fun.
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Mr. Tibbles

This is my dog, Mr. Tibbles. He likes to stay right by me when I am on the couch. He likes to get inbetween all of the pillows so he is snuggy and warm. He is a spoiled little brat, but oh so cute.

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Flying Kites!

We decided to fly kites a few days ago, since the weather nice, sunny but very windy! This is Kenny, working his kite. He has so much fun.
Here is Cullen, getting his kite ready to fly.
Simone was untangling her kite here so she could get it up in the air.
The wind was really gusty and almost to much to fly the kites, but it was still very fun and a great time for everyone.
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