Monday, July 21, 2008

Dehydrating garden goods

I have been working to dehydrate as much of our garden produce as I possible can. This is a pic of onions going on the dehyrator. I just slice them and lay them out so they are not touching much and let them dehydrate over night. I like them very dry and crisp. I crush them and then place them in 2 liter plastic soda bottles when finished.
You can see in this pic one of the plastic soda bottles of onion flakes. The glass quart mason jars have dehydrated eggplant in them. They are easy to do as well. I slice them, about 1/4 in thick, then soak them in a bit of lemon water for a few minutes then lay them out on the dehydrator and leave for several hours.
The bags contain yellow squash, zucchini squash, and cucumbers. They are all dehydrated, and placed in food saver bags and all the air removed.
This is a close up of some of the yellow squash in the food saver bag. I like to use these in casseroles whole, or just grind some up into flakes or powder to add to soups or the like. They have great flavor and a super to have around.
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Another home grown dinner

This is just another one of our "home" grown dinners. We had pork chops, fried potatoes with onions, breaded and fried zucchini and yellow squash and last fresh sliced tomatoes. It was quite delicious and all grow here at home!! With the garden producing more and more, we are able to eat from home quite a bit now as well as can and dehydrate tons of stuff for later too.
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Snow Cones anyone

We have started a Snow Cone stand as a family/homeschool project. It has been very fun and we have already learned a lot, not to mention we have eaten a ton of them too. The pic is of Simone and Kenny on one very hot Friday afternoon, selling the snow cones.
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Wednesday, July 09, 2008

12 eggs in one sitting

yes, 12 eggs in one sitting, 12 quail eggs that is. We have a huge supply of these little babies right now, insted of having 1 or 2 chicken eggs fried for breakfast, you can have a dozen of these babies. I figure that it takes about 5 quail eggs to make 1 chicken egg.

more quail egg pictures. They are so cute.
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Deviled Quail Eggs

Here you have it folks, Our DD, spend much time, boiling quail eggs, peeling them and then making these tiny deviled eggs for our dinner. They were so delicious and cute too. We were proud of her hard work. The best part, you can eat a half dozen of these babies and still not feel guilty.
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Quail Dinner

We finally had a quail dinner! This is 7 quail, wrapped in bacon, along with several new potatoes, also wrapped in bacon, and a few squash, and peppers all in a wonderful 9x13 baking dish. I placed this in the oven for about 1 hour and we had a super supper all from one pot! By the way, it is so nice eating meals that you produced yourself...we raised the quail, bacon, potatoes, and squash for this meal!
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More of our Garden Goodies!

We have been very busy with the garden since it is FINALLY producing...The pic shows green beans (Italian flat), egg plant, cucumbers and one tiny little cherry tomato.
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