Wednesday, July 04, 2007

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2007 Garden

The garden has been growing like crazy. We had a ton of rain here this past week and it has helped the garden so much. We have been picking tomatoes, potatoes, onions, peppers, cukes and just a few yellow squash. I have not been in the mood to can up the goods, so I have been freezing them. So far, I have frozen 7 gallon bags of tomatoes, 3 gallon bags of onions, 2 gallon bags of peppers and we have already eaten a ton of fresh salsa.

From what I understand, not to many people have even reaped the rewards of their tomatoes yet...My mom has not gotten any off her plants and neither has her landlord. My mom also when up to the farmers market on Tuesday and no one had any available either, they all said it was to early. It might be to early for them, but we have been picking them like crazy. I am not sure what we have done to get these 'maters so early, but it has been great!!! We planted about 30 tomato plants and they are great...everything from cherry to beefstake and everything in between.

We have not received any zuchini yet and I am hoping we get some soon. We had to replant this, since it did not "work" the first time.

So far we have been pleased with out garden and cant wait to see what else we get...

Six Flags

Well, we have been to Six Flag once again. It was a great day. Cullen, Belinda, Simone, kenny, Laura (cullens mom) and our nephew Michael all went. We started out on Friday, June 29...and the weather was not great. It was grey and cloudy and somewhat cool for the end of June. Since we had to travel over 100 miles, we decided that the weather might just be better there and we would be optimistic...

When we arrived at Six flags, it started raining, but we decided that to try it and see if we could handle it. It wasn't raining to hard so we went in.
The boys started out with the batman right away. Michael went with his Uncle cullen and they had a great time. We hung out (or should I say in...inside some of the shops while they rode) We really didn't very wet from the rain but it seem to be getting colder and so we decided to stay and ride some more of the rides and shop around insted of going to the water park.

My around 1p.m. we went out to the car and has some lunch and the weather seem to be improving and the fun began...everyone decided to go on some of the wet rides, like the log flume, thunder river, and the tide, it didn't matter if it rained, because everyone was soaked anyhow... It was getting warmer so it was getting better...

We spend the afternoon riding almost everything out there, Simone, Kenny, Michael, Cullen and Laura all rode the was great. I sat and watched, lol!!! Simone was a bit green when she got off, but everyone had a good time.

We decided to have a snack at Jonnie Rockets and ate a ton of hot and wonderful french frys with soda... It really hit the spot and they were really good too...

We left the park at about 5 p.m. and headed home. We had a good ride with no problems except for waiting on Hwy 44 for about 45 minutes at a stand still due to an accident. When we passed it, it looked pretty serious. There was a lot of traffic but it started to move on after that and we were off to get back home.

Overall, it was a super great day and the kids had an awesome day.