Monday, August 14, 2006

We still have puppies!!!!!!!!

Well, we still have puppies to "sell". We had a beautiful litter of dachshund puppies, born on July 3. There were five in the litter and they are all girls. Can you believe that??? It was quite wonderful actually, girls are better to sell than the boys. We ended up with 3 black and tans (just like their daddy) and 1 red (a lot like her momma) and one that was a darker red with some black highlights (that was sort of inbetween them). We have decided to keep the red one, she is adorable. We have named her dipstick...which doesn't sound very nice, but actually, it is because she is totally red with the exeption of her tail, which looks like it has been half dipped in something dark, like oil on a dipstick and that is why she is named dipstick.
We took all five pups to the vet on Friday and had their first puppy shots and wormed them. They all did very well for their first vet visit. We sold one and she was picked up on Friday evening. The one that sold was the dark red one. I do believe that I could have sold her 3 times already, lol! A lot of people have wanted the red ones.

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