Saturday, August 05, 2006

Some parts have arrived for the RV

We ordered the REESE POD Towpower #74377 Electric Brake System unit for the Durango. It arrived on Saturday, yea ha!! I actually found it on ebay and saved a bunch of money. I am really pleased so far with it. It was completely new and in the package too. It was the one we wanted. Now we just have to get it installed. We are going to have it installed by our mechanic. I am pretty sure Cullen can do it, but the electronic on a car can be a bit tricky and so we decided to just leave it to the pro's. We love out mechanic and trust him too!!! It wasn't a hard decision. So, we can cross another item off our list!

Cullen has both T.V's installed in the RV now, and the dvd and vhs. He connected them to his "new" stereo system and now we can listen to the T.V. in the overhead stereo system too.

Even though we are getting a few things done on our list, it seems that for every one we complete, we add two more items...yikes!!!

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