Wednesday, August 02, 2006

We must have a new radio!

Our pull behind camper has a radio, which is actually a regular car type radio, that is wired into each room throughout the camper. It functions quite well, but is just an older one with only a cassette player in it. Simone and I were quite happy with it. Cullen and Kenny on the other hand were not. They decided to go a bit more "modern" with our radio. They went and purchased a new one, it has a cd player (of course) but it also accepts several different sound cards and such from mp3 players. It also has the easy remove front to prevent thefts and such. It took the boys all day to rewire the thing in, but it is all done now. And to think, that wasn't even on my list!!!

I did order the Pod electric brake unit for the trailer brakes, Go me!!! Actually trying to get some of the items on the list done.

The actual construction has finished too. We actually have all of the paneling back up, the leaks fixed, curtains all up, bunkbeds all constructed, privacy curtains made and installed around Simones bed, shelf up by Simones bed for her books, floor fixed in back bedroom, foldable table moved and attached to the supposts, insulation covers made and up on all of the doors and vents in the ceiling, holding tanks cleaned out, front window protector scrubbed and cleaned, new door knobs and lock on outside doors, shelving installed in Simones closet, bars installed on cabinets where items may "fall" out, and extra secure latches on cabinets installed.

We have also removed all of the old curtains, and made new ones, recovered all of the seat cushions, added extra suppost for the full size bed, installed a tv, dvd, ps2 in the bedroom, organized the bathroom, hung up pictures, and decorated!

Not to mention that we have checked every outside running light, replaced umpteen bulbs, rewired some of them, cleaned all of them, caulked them back in, fixed the clock, updated the battery and fixed the holding tank indicator lights...

So far we are doing good! We will still be working on our list. It is more like "home" every day.

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