Wednesday, September 10, 2008

A New Bosch and Tons of wonderful bread!

We make all of our own bread (no store bread at all)... I usually make it once a week or so and freeze some for "later"...
It really isn't a hard task, but it does take some time. I usually use my kitchen aid mixer and mix up a loaf at a time (i have the smallest kitchen aid out there, which I dearly love, but it will only mix 1 loaf at a time). As of late, I have started to use my "old" bread machine to mix a loaf of dough cause my kitchen aid seems to be somewhat "taxed" with the amount of bread dough I mix. The bread machine was pretty much the same, it only mixed on loaf at a time, I would take it out of the machine form it in a regular bread pan, let it rise, and then back it...and that has worked, but now the good ol' bread machine is not wanting to "keep up" with the load either... and so "MY HUSBAND BOUGHT ME A BOSCH COMPACT MIXER" I just cant believe it, it is so wonderful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Look at all my wonderful bread...and I did it in only a couple hours.
After I bake all my bread, I like to cut it all up so that we can use it when needed, insted of cutting it as we use it. (the kids hate cutting it and seem to always hack it up and have huge chunks and complain if I don't have it pre-cut) . Most people ask me how I cut my bread up so nicely and evenly and well, I am gonna tell you.... I do it with an electric knife. Most electric knives come with 2 sets of for meat and one for bread. Most people never use the bread blades, but I do... they work perfectly and make the job a snap. Make sure you have the bread blades, it makes the job much easier and your bread will not get smooshed either. Just cut the bread slowly working from one end to the other. I live to do it when the bread is still very warm. Most people say to wait till it is cool, but I disagree, cause when it is still very warm, it is all steamy and very moist, as you cut it, there are vertually no crumbs and mess, but if you wait till it is cool, it will crumb much more. Give it a try, it works great.
Here is a bit of a "different loaf"... It is fun, cause it just "tears" apart in the little sections, but looks pretty if you are having company or want to take it as a hostess gift. I do this my simply twising 2 or 3 long snake like pieces of dough together and placing it in a short pan so that it will expand width wise. It comes out perfect everytime.
This is one of my daughters favorites...just good ol' french bread that she can make garlic bread out of. I thing the girl could live off of garlic bread, lol.
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