Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Apple Season Already Starting

I just love apples. We do have a couple of older apple trees and a few younger ones (that are not producing much in the fruit department yet). I pruned our two older ones last winter and they did not produce very many apples. We usually go to a nice little orchard that is about 25 miles away and get apples, wether we have them on our trees or not. We recently got 1 bushel of small apples (seconds) and 1 bushel of beautiful pears. They are just beautiful. Here is a pic of the apples (which are Jonathons)
I usually dehydrate them first...I cut the apple in quarters, cut out the seeds, then cut each quarter into 3 or 4 "slices". This pic is the apple slices floating in a "solution" of water, salt and lemon juice. It keeps the apples white and beautiful throught the dehydration process.
And here they are, the apples laying out on one of the dehydrator trays. I like to fill all nine trays and let them dry for a long time till they are very dry...most directions say leathery, but I dry mine more than that...till they are almost brittle. I place the dried apple slices in jars or containers that seal well after they are dry.
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