Thursday, February 28, 2008

Coming Home!!!

Well, our little camping trip has come to an end. We had a pretty good time, the weather was a bit more than we was really cold and that wasn't too bad, but the wind, snow and rain made it bad!!

We did end up cooking out a few times though...

we had tin foil dinners one night...kenny had hamburger with his and simone, cullen, and I all had chicken breast with ours...they were quite good.

We placed bacon on the foil, then placed our meat on top of that and then layered potatoes and onions, added a bit of salt, pepper, garlic and wrapped it up tight and placed it in the coals for a bit...It was delicious!!!! and easy and well the clean up was the bomb too!!!

The second night we cooked 2 cornish game hens over the open fire...and baked potatoes in the coals and added some salad!!! The hens were wonderful and tender and moist....

Better than cooked in the oven!!!

And so that was the end of our little camp out and this is a pic simone is the rear end of our camper going up the road to home...we of course, were following in the car.

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