Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Aquaponic Garden

I have been looking in to aquaponic for some time now. so I'm trying it to in a small way. I have a black 45 galon bub with a bilg punp to pump the water up the the rubbermade 3'x18"x6 "with 4"of pea gravel in it .

February 19
Kenny and I add 60 gold fish about 1 ½ 2 long
Planted 3 kinds of lettuce
1st row romaine picos
2nd row iceberg
3rd row black seeded simpson
Will the first night we lost a bout 3 fish I thank is hard to tell with so many in there . The pump is not working as will as I would like after time it just is not pumping very much water.

February 20
So Kenney and I had to add a some parts to the set up .
We added a float switch and 5 gallon bucket. The water is pumped up to the 5 gallon bucket and the out a hoses that is horse shoe shaped. The hoses how small holes in it to let the water drain out the bucket. The water also siphons back down the pump hose in to the fish tank . The pump the coming on about every 4 to 5 min.

so you can see in the photo we will need to make some more ajustment to the set up

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