Sunday, February 24, 2008

Making Bread

There is absolutely nothing better than fresh baked, warm and fluffy whole wheat bread. My family loves it and we make it alot. A lot of people are all low carb and all, but not us, not when it comes to this wonderful delicious bread.
My recipe is :
Whole wheat bread
1 cup hot water
1 Tablespoon rapid yeast
place this in a mixing bowl or in your bread maker and stir it and leave it alone for 5 minutes.
After the 5 minutes, add
3 cups fresh ground whole wheat (you can use any sort you like, this batch was make with all hard red wheat, but hard white is good or any combo of both is ok too) 3 tablespoons of gluten, 1 teaspoon salt (you can use ordinary table salt or sea salt or kosher, just whatever you prefer), 4 Tablespoons of canola oil (i have also used olive oil and that worked great too, or any veggie oil would do), and 4 Tablespoons of honey.
Just add it all in and then start mixing...knead it for at least 5 minutes or so till it is smooth and elastic (you can do this in your bread maker too and it works just as well or you can do it with you kitchen aid mixer for a few minutes, it doesn't take as long in the mixer)
Then turn it out and shape it and place it into a greased bread pan (I personally like to use glass pyrex bread pans but any would do). Try to use no extra flour for this and just shape it quickly and place it in the pan. Put it in a warm place and allow it to rise (i like to use my dehydrator or my convection oven that has a warm setting but you can also use a gas stove with the pilot light on or just any warm location)...let it rise about 25-35 minutes till it rises to the height you like. I usually let it rise till about 1 to 1 1/2 inches over the rim of the pan. When it is the right height, then slowly and easily move it to a hot ready to go 350 degree oven. Allow to cook for 45-55 minutes till it is nice and should be firm to the touch and when yo thump on it, it should sound hollow. take it out of the oven and let it sit for 5 minutes, then butter the top of the loaf and move out onto a cooling rack...then enjoy.
We love this recipe and It has taken me years to get this to a nice wonderful fluffy loaf using all whole wheat, so I hope you like it to...LMK, thanks.

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