Monday, March 03, 2008

From 70 to 30 and falling!!!!!!!

Wow folks, you know what they say about Missouri and the weather...just hang around and it will change on a dime! and boy does that work for now.

Yesterday was a wonderful spring like day and it actually made it up to about 70 it was awesome. We worked outside all day and got so much done.

Well today is a totally different case...we woke up to 36 degrees or so and it has come down throughout the day ... it is now 30 degrees and will fall to 20. It makes it all the worse since yesterday was so beautiful.

In our area, we are expecting 6-12 inches of snow too!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yesterday they said "bit of freezing rain, some snow flurries, a bit of sleet...and now up to 12 inches of snow!!!!!!!!!! Boy what a bit of a change.

Short sleeves yesterday, wool undies the next!!!! Gotta love Missouri...or not, lol!

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