Thursday, August 02, 2007

Summer Days

Or maybe I would be saying summer Daze!!!! since it is running by and I am mostly in a daze at the rate it is passing. Seriously thought, the summer is running short and we have been keeping busy with the "normal" summer activities.

We had an awesome night on Monday. We spent it with friends, at their house out in the country, around a campfire. We ate, talked and just shared time with our friends. Kenny had a blast too, with their son. I can honestly say that we, and probally most people, do not take enough time to spend with friends and family, and just enjoy them. We really has a super evening and we really needed it. I just love good people, food and a campfire too!!!

The kids have been taking advantage of the pool...yea, it is nothing special, but they have really liked having it. Kenny is taking to it like a little fish. He has swim lesson a few years ago but I wasn't really sure if "he retained any of it". Simone likes it too but is only in it when it is really, really hot out.

I have been keeping busy with the garden, kids, yard, dogs, husband, cooking, laundry, rearranging the house and so much more.

The weather has been pretty good so far this year. It is starting to get really hot now and it is getting dry. We really have been blessed with some great weather and all and the garden is doing well. I can honestly say that we have a TON of tomatoes!!!!! We have some other great things too, but this must be the year of the tomato!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Our summer has been a good one so far and I hope everyone is having some fun during their summer too.

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