Tuesday, August 07, 2007

I'm melting, melting...

Can you say, It's hot as hell and we are burning up. It really has been a pleasant summer so far...up to this point that is. Our overnight temps have been good and we have only had a few days in the 90's. Well then along came this week...we have been in a heat advisory for the full week with temps in the 100's and heat indexs up to 115 degrees!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

All of the ground we made up on rain is now going to be flushed down the drain. The garden has gone from a lush land to a deprived looking area really quickly. Everything is drooping and wilted.

I am hoping and praying that our new fruit trees make it through this hot period. We lost trees last year to the lack of rain I hate to see it again. It is like burning money up.

Hows the weather in your neck of the woods??????

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