Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Shopping at Kroger yesterday!!!

I give it 2 thumbs up...that is, the savings I did at Kroger yesterday. I went to do a little bit of shopping yesterday in a neighboring town, since my husband had to take his granny to the dr.
I took my coupons and did a bit of "shopping" and "saving" at Kroger grocery store.
Here is what I got.
2 Pillsbury brownie mix
2 Cascade Dishwashing powder
2 softsoap handsoap
2 crest toothpaste
1 adidas deod.
1 box 6ct. kroger icecream bars
4 pack of 12 ct bic pens
1 candle in jar
2 lipton sides
1 delmonte peaches
minus kroger plus savings of $13.27
minus maf coupon sav of $13.48
for a grand total of


I was pretty excited about it!!!! I feel like I saved and got some good deals.

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