Tuesday, September 12, 2006

to brake........

I put the Durango in the shop to have the electric brakes put on .no big thing right ……
Get it home and we hook up the trailer, we have no lights. No lights on the Durango or the trailer. Run back up to the shop its 4:30p and they close at 5:00. We have shorted out the tail light on the suv and they need to disconnect the electric brakes . so we back to not having electric brakes. Take it back to the shop on Friday and they have it all day. I call to see what is going on with it .you need a new electric brake controller. So we go spend more money ($80.00). after the 1st one was 50.00 and the 1st trip to the shop we spent $75.00

Take the new brake controller thinking we will have the Durango back in just a little time this was at 12:00pm go up to the shop a 4:30 and they cant get the brakes to work and it is all in the Durango. Take it home and we still don’t have brakes it’s a good thing I like the guys at the shop. So on Friday it goes back to the shop, hope they can get it fixed we are going on a trip with the trailer on the 22 on September.

We did get the weight of the trailer it is 6500lb and we can pull 7200. We just cant stop it. Lol

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