Tuesday, September 12, 2006

The pig experience

we pick the trailer up on Sunday. had to tear down the fence to back the trailer of to the pigs. so far so good the a bout 6:00pm . We went out to load them up. The first one just walked in. the 2nd one need more help had to push him a little. so far so good them time for the 3rd one he did don't want to go in. them the 2nd one got back out. We tried food even milk the pigs love milk. nope not going to go in the trailer. so we get a piece of tin and make the pin smaller and smaller. they go in 1 at a time. so we did it the pigs are in. Monday morning I go to get gas before we hook up the traler.get the gas and a coke we set off hook ,up the trailer and pull it up to the the front . we have a low tire so ok lets go air it up. the first place the air is not working. so we go to the next place get the tire aired up. off to get the 2 pig from a Friends house. get them and it starts pouring rain and the pig pin is down hill all grass i'm thinking we will never get back up the hill. but I drive down back up cant even see to back up to the pin. it is raining so hard I have to call Belinda on the cell so she can tell me when to stop so i don't knock down the pig pin. have you ever tried to back a trailer up with someone telling you what to do over the phone??? not that easy but we got them done. then to bet the pigs in. Simone get in with are 4 pig to keep them in the trailer. she was great one 1 got out. the 2 we were trying to got in did not wount to go in. after what seamed about an hour I grab the last one by the ears and got him in. off the Summersville we go.. get there push the 1st pig off the trailer and she 188# them the next one we had to put a bucket over his head he was 224# the next one just walk off like he was walking the red carpet he was 252# then we pushed and fought and we got the next one out and he was 224# and then the next one came out of the trainer easy and it was also 224# and then the last one was the hardest, of course and he was 238#. Finally we are done and the pigs are "gone" and we take off to go home and then about 3 miles down the road, we thing we have a flat, we pull over and well, thank goodness, we don't, it must have just been a bad patch of road. we finally made it back home and it is all done, but the eaten'!!!!!!!!!!

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