Sunday, July 30, 2006

Back to School, Everywhere!

Everywhere we go, we see "BACK TO SCHOOL" stuff. Most of it seems to be a joke. We do not go to public school. Our children are homeschooled. This will be a great thing for them, when we are on the road in our RV. Homeschool allows our children the freedom to "explore" and "learn" in different ways then the traditional public schools do. First off, we are free to "learn" from any curriculum or reading that we choose and that is not so in public schools. I have found this to be such an important issue, because my children both have such different needs when it comes to learning styles.

Schooling while on the road should be an easy transition for us, since we already homeschool. We are already fimiliar with a routine and ways of learning that the idea of traveling while schooling doesn't upset us at all. In fact, we actually believe that it will open up a whole are of "new" learning for the kids and can't to get out there. But since we will not be on the road for a while yet, we will get started with our school work by the middle of August.

We have been looking for "reading" books for Simone at every used book store for 40 miles, on line at every used book store, Ebay and with friends and family in the area!!! So far so good. Simone read a lot...I choose to let her read what ever she wants...(almost, lol) She has to read one of my choice for every 3 books of hers. That may sound like a lot for her, but she read 2-4 300+ page books per week on most weeks. We are looking forward to "exploring" every used book store that we come across, during out travels.

I still have Kenny's curriculum from last year that we are "still" working on. We have also found some reading books for him too. We are really looking forward to the "traveling" issue with Kenny. He is a very hands on learner and likes to "see" things in action. For him, we will be frequenting different musuems, historic sites, and factory tours. He is going to love it.

Well, enough said about back to school.

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