Thursday, July 27, 2006

And so the story continues!

Well, We did sell out little 17 ft shasta, pull behind camper...(pictured in the photo to the left). It was really hard to do, because we loved it so. It was a super camper. It had overhead bunks for the kids that worked really well. The real major problems with this camper were the things it lacked, that you really needed for long term full time rv'ing, like a bathroom, flush toilet and shower/tub...holding tanks, and this type of thing...but even though this little camper didnt have that, it was hard to get rid of it.

Now that everyone knows why we got rid of our little, loved 17 foot camper...lets get to the "new" (used of course) 28 foot camper. It is awesome! It has all the things that the 17 footer lacked. So, here it is...(pictured in the photo to the right). We are happy so far. Now we just have to "get 'er ready"!!!!!!!!!!

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