Wednesday, July 26, 2006

The Great Outdoor Family Experience

The Great Outdoor Family Experience
Well, This is just the beginning. The beginning of our family blog, the beginning of our quest to become a full time rv'ing family, the beginning of the quest to share our lives with anyone who is interested.

Let me start by telling you a bit about our family. Cullen and I (Belinda) have been married for 16 years and we have 2 beautiful children(Simone 14 yo and Kenny 9 yo). We live on an acre outside of a small rural town in Missouri and have a great life. We really have only just begun. Our life, in a rural area, feels like it is a bit "constricting" when it comes to "experiencing" the world, not just for us, but for our kids too. And so, we decided, as a family, that we would like some more adventure and to "see" some more of the United States.

We started this "way of thinking" (about full time RV'ing) in 2003, but just decided that it could never "work" for us, not at least while we were young, not retired, and not independently wealthy...and so we decided to "try it" in a smaller way. We camped on a regular basis but wanted to do something more to see if "we could handle it". Our first adventure was to Volunteer as a campground host for our favorite Missouri state park for a full month. Our favorite MO state park is Montauk. We love it and here is a link so you can check it out on your own. Well, we did it, we made it for a full month, in a 17 foot pull behind camper, with 2 adults, 2 kids and 2 dogs...and needless to say, we have been hooked ever since. We continued to camp throughout the years, but longed for more adventure. We just kept thinking that we would not be able to "full time" anytime soon and would have to wait till we "retire" or something. It took us 3 years before we decided to "go back" and try it again. We once again, requested another month long Volunteer campground host position at Montauk state park. We hosted in March of 2006 and once again, we loved it. It was different this time, but we still loved it. We decided to "still" not think about "full time rv'ing" but we just couldn't. And that is when we sat down as a family and made the decision to see what we could do.

We did decided to start slow and maintain our life here in our home. We decided to start by selling our 17 ft pull behind camper, that we loved and purchase a newer, used, bigger, camper.

and so the story goes!!!

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