Wednesday, August 20, 2008

wii dance dance revolution

Yes, we are, lol! The wii dance, dance, revolution is so much fun...Here is a quick peek at our family, right in the middle of a big dance off. Cullen is on the left side, with Simone in the middle and Kenny on the right side...well that leave me, behind the camera, taking the pic.
Here is Cullen dancin' his butt off...we had a ball, just laughing and having fun.
Simone and Kenny dancing the day away...they have way more energy than I do, whew!!!!!!!!!!
I personally do like the wii dance dance revolution, it has been a real plus for our not only allows us to "play" together, but allows us to get some needed exercise (especially during the bad weather days in winter). I give it 2 thumbs up for getting the kids off the couch. I also give it 2 thumbs up for getting mom and dad off the couch too!!! If you haven't tried it yet, you definitely should.
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