Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Our new Metal roof

Well, it was time for a new roof. The roof looked pretty good, but we have been having problems with it for a while now, so the roof was a real must. This is the "OLD ROOF" or "BEFORE" picture.
This is during the roofing...they attached wood boards to the trusses of the roof. This pic is from the back of the house.
This is a pic of the lumber going up to be attached to the roof.
And well, here you have it folks, the finished product, a wonderful green metal NEW roof. No leaks, no problems and we are thrilled to say the least. It is great.
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Richard Boles said...

The final product looks good! Is your roof still in a good shape? Well, I hope so! Here’s a tip in maintaining your metal roof’s life: regularly inspect and replace sealants at borders as needed. Generally, sealants last for 20 years but some retain their elasticity much longer.

Leah Clay said...

Good move on replacing your old roof! The roof’s appearance can really be deceiving sometimes. It may look good on the outside even though it’s already leaking and rotting inside. The result looks great, and it’s a smart decision to choose metal roof. Metal roofing is known for its durability and environmental friendly traits. It is made of 30-60% recycled material. Anyway, I hope your roof is still in good condition.

Leah Clay

Elizabeth Hoffnung said...

Your metal roof looks great! I like that you went with standing seams. They make the roof look longer and help direct whatever lands on it downward. That means that less rain, natural debris and snow will linger on it, so the roof will last a long time.