Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Our Chicken Plucker

My husband decided that we needed our own chicken plucker and so he has. He started out with a 4 inch pvc pipe end cap. He drilled a hole in the center put a 1/2 inch threaded rod into it. He used a lock washer on the endside of the cap and a nut on the outside to hold it.
He drilled out holes through the sides of the cap in an alternating pattern of two holes then one until all the way around.
He then inserted the chicken plucking fingers into the holes, working then into the holes because the fit must be very tight.
After the cap was completely finished, then the threaded rod is inserted into a handheld drill. The drill must have a 1/2 inch drill driver. The drill will be clamped onto the edge of a table, turned on and then the plucking will begin!!!
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pelenaka said...

Pretty darn handy homesteading tool to have ! Thanks for sharing!

The Great Outdoor Family Experience said...

We are excited about having this handy tool around...only problem is that we just don't have anything to pluck yet!!! Thanks for you comment, love hearing from others.

hillbilly2be said...

I was wondering how the chicken plucker works. Where do you get the chicken plucking fingers? Do the chickens get put in a bucket or just held?

Enjoyed the photos and your blog!

Ron and Mel

The Great Outdoor Family Experience said...

Thanks man, the plucker works great!! We love it. You have to hold the chicken, we "lay" the plucker down on the edge of a table and use a clamp to "make it stay put" then lock the drill into the on position. You then hold the chicken over the "pluckin' fingers" and move it around. It is absolutely amazing. We ordered out "plucking fingers" a long time ago (husband takes his time, lol) but you can do a search on the www for rubber chicken plucking fingers and you can find placed to order them. Most placed you have to order a minimum, which was way to many for us, but we talked some friends into splitting them and it worked out well.