Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Fall is on its way!

We ran to a neighboring town today (30 miles away) and the drive was very beautiful. The weather was cooler last week, but this week, it is hot again. In fact we are close to the record highs in this area. This hasn't stopped Fall from Coming!!! That earlier cool weather has made the leaves start to turn and that made the drive wonderful. I dont thing that I will actually ever get used to "Fall". Growing up in Las Vegas, Fall was not "really" there. I loved the desert, but even 12 years after moving the Missouri, I still feel like "this Fall" is the first one! I love the changes in the colors...so beautiful. The leaves are like magic as the dance around the yard. Every year, it is a little different...some years there are more reds and oranges, and some yellow and then some others, there isn't much but brown, but I cant seem to get enough. I love the bright red sumac leaves...I alwasy know them, they seem to come out first and turn a wonderful shade of red...beautiful. Well, even thought the weather is warm this week, I see the cool weather coming and it won't be long until all the leaves are gone again.

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