Thursday, November 11, 2010

Building a new outdoor pizza oven

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This is our new "almost complete" outdoor pizza oven.
It only took us a few days to build. We started out with
one design and decided that it wouldn't work as well as
we thought, so we switched to a different design. We
started with a concrete cinder block base to give it some height.
The we added a solid layer of red concrete brick down on to
the block. We then used a metal barrel, with a fire place door
installed into it, and a vent at the top of the barrel. The barrel
was then set down onto the brick and sides of brick built up
around the barrel. Once the side bricks reached the top of the
barrel, we then laid out brick over the top of the barrel with
half of a chimney liner on the very top to make it flat. The half
of a chimney liner is raised up a few inches to let the smoke vent
out of the barrel and up into the concrete brick half that is the
small chimney. After it was all together, we covered the bottom
areas with wire mesh and then stuccoed it all over
to give it a more uniform look. We added a layer of red clay brick
to the bottom inside of the barrel, then set in a wire rack onto that
to make an even smooth surface. Onto that wire rack, we added
a solid layer of fire brick to the bottom and up the sides of the
barrel to insure a nice even heat and so the fire can't damage the
barrel bottom. We will continue to add a few
more coats of stucco as it cures to have a nice thick layer in the
end. After it is cured completely, we plan to paint it with a paint
that can be heated.
Most everything we used was recycled, including the concrete
blocks, bricks, metal barrel and wire that we stuccoed over. We
had to purchase the mortar mix for the brick laying and stucco.


Representative said...

Oh, that's the coolest thing! I've always wanted to do that!!! You'll have to post when you get it fired, then start posting recipes. That is so cool, you guys! Congrats.

So, was it hard to do? Did you follow some instructions or modify instructions, or just kinda self-style it? I've been reading up on it a lot. When I get ready to build mine I'm going to ask you pros what to do and what not to do.

The Great Outdoor Family Experience said...

Hey there! We have wanted to do this for a long time too. We have read and read on them, but we decided "how" to do it on our own. We started out with a simple square design, but had a hard time with that so switched to the barrel method. We didn't follow any plans, just dry stacked everything till it "worked" and then we took it apart and mortared it back together. After it was all together, then we added the stucco.

We already fired it up last night. It worked great. We started the fired in the back of the barrel and then let it heat for quite a while. After it reach a nice hot temp. then we cooked pizza on it and a loaf of bread. It was great. The pizza cooked in just a few minutes.

We are still going to add a few more layers of stucco so that it is thicker and insulates more, but we will have to wait on that. The weather has been very unseasonly warm here which gave us a chance to get this done, but it is suppost to change here quick and I don't want wet stucco in the freezing weather. We probally wont add the extra layers of stucco till this spring.