Wednesday, July 04, 2007

2007 Garden

The garden has been growing like crazy. We had a ton of rain here this past week and it has helped the garden so much. We have been picking tomatoes, potatoes, onions, peppers, cukes and just a few yellow squash. I have not been in the mood to can up the goods, so I have been freezing them. So far, I have frozen 7 gallon bags of tomatoes, 3 gallon bags of onions, 2 gallon bags of peppers and we have already eaten a ton of fresh salsa.

From what I understand, not to many people have even reaped the rewards of their tomatoes yet...My mom has not gotten any off her plants and neither has her landlord. My mom also when up to the farmers market on Tuesday and no one had any available either, they all said it was to early. It might be to early for them, but we have been picking them like crazy. I am not sure what we have done to get these 'maters so early, but it has been great!!! We planted about 30 tomato plants and they are great...everything from cherry to beefstake and everything in between.

We have not received any zuchini yet and I am hoping we get some soon. We had to replant this, since it did not "work" the first time.

So far we have been pleased with out garden and cant wait to see what else we get...

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