Friday, December 15, 2006

some photos of the new kitchen

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We have been remodeling the kitchen and it has been a lot of work, but definitely work it. It is looking great. You can see my new colors in the photos...the cabinets are newly painted in a beautiful color called "Barley" which is a white, but not to white. The walls we painted in a nice beige color called "spring fawn" and it is very nice. We continued with this color into the dining area. We accented all with the copper...cabinet handles, pot rack and vent a hood, and the huge picture in the dining area too. It is super and has turned out great. My favorite new thing are the pull outs in the cabinet...check these out. Our bottom cabinets, are very deep and most everything gets lost in them and you have to get down on your ands and knees and stick you whole body into the cabinet to retrieve something...but NOT ANY MORE!!! Cullen made these great pull outs in all four of the slots, and I am tickled pink!!! EAch slide out holds the can good and you can easily pull the whole thing out (a lot like a huge drawer) and retreive what you need from the front, back or anywhere inbetween. No more lost canned goods!
WE still have some more work to do but we are coming along nicely. The bottoms cabinet doors are really what is left.

We also repainted the hall way and trim and replaced 3 of the interior doors (kennys, simones and the bathroom) The doors were very "dry" and they seem to split and start peeling the wood and it looks bad so we decided to replace them when we painted!!! All of the doors are up, and kennys is painted as well as the hall closet, but we still need to paint the other 2 bedroom doors, and the bathroom. That is the last to be done in the hall. It is super too.

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